Coronavirus and ways to Prevent it

Coronavirus and ways to Prevent it

At the present time the world is concerned about just one thing and that is Corona virus. In the past few months it fatally affected the world and had caused a pandemic throughout. It has affected 193 countries in the world with more than 4 lakhs positive cases and a death toll of more than 18000 throughout the world. The outbreak of corona virus causes respiratory illness which is known as COVID-19.

How COVID-19 is spread?

How COVID-19 is spread

COVID-19 is passed from one person to another through the droplets that are created from sneezes and coughs. This has been thoroughly monitored by health organizations Johns Hopkins and World Health Organization (WHO).

How this Corona virus spread to the world?

How this Corona virus spread to the world?

It was first noted that COVID-19 was found in Wuhan in China. Experts and researchers have a hypothesis that this virus has come from seafood market that is situated in Wuhan. It was noted that few people visiting to the seafood market started suffering from viral pneumonia caused by this virus. Still, there is an ongoing investigation about the origin of the virus and how did it spread in the entire world.

COVID-19 Incubation Period  

The doctors and researchers have said that the symptoms start to appear after 14 days of exposure to corona virus.

COVID-19 Symptoms

COVID-19 symptoms are as follows:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Shortness of Breath

There are a few rare scenarios where it can cause kidney failure or severe respiratory problems. If a person is having respiratory problems like coughing, breathlessness along with a fever, then he or she should immediately call a doctor or any health care provider for support and for necessary aid. The people with a bad medical history should stay very alert and should take all the precautionary measures as corona virus can be fatal for them.

Treatment of COVID-19

There is no special treatment for COVID-19 till now; people who are affected can be treated for the symptoms that are occurring. In extreme cases there are some additional options that can be taken into consideration for treatment, this includes therapeutics and research drugs. COVID-19 is deadly for older people and there are many confirmed cases that people aging more than 50 are prone to death by corona virus.

About Corona Virus

  • Corona virus is common in many animals; it is very rare that these animals are capable of infecting the human beings.
  • There are various kinds of corona virus; some of these can cause cold and acute respiratory illness.
  • Corona virus can also cause other chronic diseases like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).
  • The virus is named after their appearances, if we look at the virus through a microscope, we will be able to see that the virus is surrounded by pointed structures like corona or a crown.

Prevention of corona virus

Prevention of corona virus

Corona virus is spreading widely and at a rapid rate in all the countries in the world and it has become the most important job for the health organizations to prevent corona virus from spreading as it destroys a huge number of the population of the world. Due to this face masks are in huge demand. It is said that the N95 face masks are much more effective compared to the disposable face masks.

The N95 masks helps the people from every kind of airborne illness, it can protect a person from getting any viral infection. It is said that the masks are not required for everybody, doctors and researchers have said that face masks are necessary for people who are infected with corona virus and the doctors and nurses in the hospitals treating the infected patients.

The fear of the virus has increased the demand for N95 face masks among all the people in the world and hence the availability is difficult. The best way to be protected from corona virus is to maintain a proper hygiene, people should wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, they should avoid their faces, especially the nose, eyes and mouth; a person should cover mouth with their elbow while coughing or sneezing, and people should definitely stay home if they are feeling sick or having a fever. The best way to prevent the corona virus is to use Sanitizers to clean your hands when a person does not have easy access to water.

N95 Face Mask Vs Surgical Face Mask

N95 Face Mask Vs Surgical Face Mask

Surgical masks are different from N95 face masks, they only prevent from any kind of fluid going into the mouth, and these are loose fitting masks that allow airborne particles to go inside. People mainly use this type of masks to get protection against respiratory diseases and smog, but these masks are not capable of preventing the tiny particles to go inside.

N95 masks are very different from these surgical masks, these are tight and well made masks that do not allow tiny airborne particles to pass through it. It is considered to be the best face mask to prevent the corona virus, it prevents hand to mouth virus transfer, so wearing one of this mask can prevent a person to get infected and also other come in contact with the virus. The N95 masks come in various sizes, while shopping the customer should be sure that the packaging must have the tag “N95”, as there are many other types of masks available in the market. It is proved that the N95 face masks provide the most amount of protection to the user from airborne particles; it also protects the user from sneezes and coughs from other people. The doctors have said that the important part is to wear the mask tightly around your mouth and nose without keeping any gaps.

These N95 face masks are very much effective and doctors from around the world recommend people to use this mask in order to prevent corona virus from spreading. Presently corona virus is a serious threat to the world and it has already shown tremendous effect, so it is recommended to all the people to stay at home and take proper precautionary measures to prevent spread of this deadly virus.

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