Surgical Masks for Nurse, Doctor

Surgical Masks with CE certificate provide you the respiratory protection you desire.

Surgical Masks

Soft, Comfortable. Folds up for easy carrying. Fluid resistant. Surgical masks and respirators come in a few styles: reusable and disposable masks; earloop and tie-on masks; N95 molded and pleated masks. Properly fitting masks are imperative for maximum protection for you and the patient. When determining if your N95 mask fits correctly.

Onlineedrugs Ear loop Face Mask’s pleats face downward to prevent pooling. The Face Masks are ASTM F2100-07 tested and fluid resistant for added protection. Onlineedrugs Ear loop Masks are available in medium or high barriers and feature an odorless construction.

The Surgical Face Mask’s custom package allows top and side access for ease of use. Onlineedrugs N95 Disposable Face Masks includes an integrated fog free strip to prevent eyewear from fogging. The Latex Free Face Masks are ideal for ICU, SPD, isolation, and emergency departments and are proudly made in the China with CE certificate.


1, Light blue polypropylene
2, Ear Loops: Latex free
3, Nose Piece: Adjustable aluminum


1, Construction: 3-ply
2, Soft, comfortable. Folds up for easy carrying.
3, Fluid resistant.
4, 99% bacterial filtration efficiency.
5, Extra thick earloop.
6, Foam nose strip for superior, all-day comfort.


1, Meets ASTM Level 2
2, FDA Compliant
3, Fluid Resistance: 120 mm Hg
4, Particle Size: 2.9 microns
5, PFE: >99% at 1 micron
6, BFE: >99% at 3 microns