The major concern of all the people around the world is the COVID-19 pandemic. It is well known that coronavirus is a severe respiratory syndrome. As per the health officials, the world has no vaccine for the COVID-19 till now. There is a very famous saying i.e. “Prevention is better than cure”. The same thing is being applied for the COVID-19 pandemic. Since, there is no vaccine or antidote for the coronavirus, the one, and the only way to prevent coronavirus is prevention.

Yes, of course, we can save ourselves from this death-causing in severe cases of the disease. We need to cover our face, maintain social-distance, and must keep hygiene. Moreover, the use of face masks has become crucial for the ones who are dealing with coronavirus patients. Coming to other countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, all people are wearing masks because the number of COVID-19 patients is getting increased rapidly day by day.

Municipalities, as well as provinces in the China country, have imposed strict rules for wearing masks if one is moving out of the house. Apart from this, not every mask is capable of preventing coronavirus. For completely protecting ourselves from the COVID-19 pandemic, we should choose the correct face mask.


It’s true that the health officials are highly recommended to wear face masks in order to prevent coronavirus, but along with this, we should know who should wear the face mask and who shouldn’t. The center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) asks only a selected group of people to wear face masks. The face masks are highly recommended for the doctors and officials who are treating coronavirus patients. Along with this, face masks are recommended also for those people who feel the symptoms of COVID-19.

The rest of the people can prevent themselves from coronavirus by washing their hands frequently, not touching the face frequently, and maintaining the social distance. Though healthy people can wear face masks if they want to but it is not necessary until and unless they are moving out of the house or are being in contact with the sick people. The measures mentioned above are said to be more effective than wearing a mask.

From the day when this deadly outbreak has begun in Wuhan city of China, the COVID-19 pandemic has infected approximately 513,000 people and has taken the lives of 23000 people. Along with this, the coronavirus has seen in 196 countries all around the world till now.

Health agencies in countries such as Italy, South Korea, Iran, the United States, are doing backbreaking hard work for protecting people from the coronavirus pandemic.


Here is the global record of coronavirus:

  • The total number of deaths: 23,000
  • Confirmed cases: 513,000
  • A total number of people recovered: 122,245
  • Countries impacted: 196


Majorly, the face masks which are being used for preventing coronavirus come in two varieties i.e N95 and surgical masks. N95 face masks filter the airborne particles from the air. Along with this, it also prevents the person who wears it from breathing in the particles which are approximate of size 0.3 microns. N95 face masks come in handy when the quality of air is poor because of the pollution or wildfire smoke.

If the person wears the N95 face mask in the correct way, then it will block 95% of the small airborne particles. This is done such that the respirators can filter the droplets consisting of coronavirus. The size of coronavirus is approximate equals to 0,2 microns to 0.5 microns in diameter.

On the other hand, surgical masks are designed in order to prevent droplets as well as splatter from passing from a person’s mouth to other people’s surface or mouth. In simple words, we can say that surgical masks behave as a barrier such that health care providers as well as sick people can’t spread their mouth-borne germs to others.

Talking about Wuhan in China, wearing a face mask has been made mandatory for the local authorities living there when they move outside. Coming to South Korea, 9240 cases of COVID-19 have been reported there. The government of South Korea is making effective advertisements in order to encourage the residents to wear face masks.


It has been said that coronavirus can be retreated in the summer season because of the more heat but it could return as the winter or rainy season arrives. But this isn’t said officially. According to health officials, COVID-19 is a respiratory disease and all the respiratory viruses are seasonal. This has been said by William Schaffner, who is an infectious disease specialist at /Vanderbilt University.


Here are some of the disposable face masks which can be worn for preventing coronavirus:

  • Surgical face mask
Surgical Face Masks

Surgical masks are majorly used by surgeons. It helps the wearers in protecting themselves from getting sick by other people. The cost of the surgical mask is generally $1.25.

Kn95 N95 Anti-Dust PM2.5 Face Mask

N95 is majorly used by the people who work in mold, dust or medical emergencies. It helps in protecting the wearer from particles and not from vapors or gases. It helps in protecting the healthcare workers from the virus or germs by blocking them. It would work if the wearer wears it properly. The masks generally cost $2- to $4 and would be an appropriate choice for healthcare workers.

  • Full face respirator (reusable)

Full face respirator face mask has been majorly used by the people who are engaged in painting or the people need protection from the vapors of gases in order to protect their eyes. This face mask would be an appropriate choice for people who have breathing problems or facial hairs. This mask generally costs $115. This face mask would be a perfect choice for people who find it difficult to breathe in regular masks.

March 27, 2020 Face Mask
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